Ever since my dad gave me his old Kodak Retina film camera when I was twelve, I've loved photography. Seeing the nature of photography as an art of isolating a limited space in a limited time, I've carried this idea of framing and collapsing the spatial and temporal to the subject that I spend most of my time thinking about: the city. My photographic work is most likely characterized as Urban Landscape, but it is isolating the peculiar in the ordinary that fascinates me most. Odd juxtapositions of people and things, usually removed from their context and layered and framed to provide a new meaning or vision, seems to describe most of my photographic work. My day job as an architect and urban designer is the urge for the things that I choose to isolate in the photographic frame, and people become unwitting actors in the public stage sets that I fabricate out of the city. In many ways few of these photographs have any reason to exist other than spurious beauty.

More than half of the work presented here is 24x35 digital, but I still have a fondness for working with film in 35mm, 6x6 and 4x5. One is not better than the other; they're just different mediums that compel you to think and work differently. My photographs have been exhibited in galleries, schools, libraries and shops, and have also been published in photography and architecture books. Most of the photographs on this site have been printed at about 9x13 inches, and are available for purchase, either framed or unframed. Please see my contact page if you are interested.

All photographs on this site copyright Michael Petrus, though I'm happy to allow them to be republished elsewhere with credit and permission. Please see my contact page.


at the edge of the land