Southern Branch Corridor + Atlantic Woods Superfund Site

Elizabeth River, Portsmouth, Virginia

C+PA designed the urban plan for a new green habitat and bike/pedestrian/transit movement corridor connecting the Elizabeth River to inland parcels in Portsmouth. In collaboration with Elizabeth River Project Sustainable Development Steering Committee, we developed guiding principles for this 750-acre industrial area. We completed the plan in 2008 and implementation is ongoing. The 48-acre, Atlantic Woods Superfund site is capped, but contaminated with a dense non-aqueous phase liquid and groundwater plume. We developed sustainable development guidelines and designed options that incorporated wetlands and planted buffers to improve water quality and structure the redevelopment of eight new energy-effective industrial sites.

Working with the idea of better integrated industrial uses, neighborhoods, a restored wetland public park and wildlife areas, as well as transportation through the area, we proposed riparian buffers along waterways and green corridors for travel along the edges of neighborhoods and industrial land. We were encouraged by the positive reception by industrial landowners to the effort of protecting the rivers and creeks that support their livelihood.